My first post on Opera Watch is finally up: What Makes a Safe Browser?*

It grew out of my rant on blocking IE6, which pulled in aspects of PayPal’s comments about blocking “unsafe” browsers. I had it mostly finished a month ago, but someone asked to review it before I posted it live, and he promptly got swamped by work on Opera Dragonfly. I finally got the go-ahead about 2 weeks ago, but I was caught up in packing, and then moving, and then unpacking.

Things are finally settling towards a semblance of normality, and with the recent change in how Opera treats EV certificates, I figured it was time to post the article before it became completely out of date.

*Update: It was on Opera Watch at the time. I’ve moved it over here since the site shut down. Most of the other posts I ended up writing for them were changelogs and round-ups.

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