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  1. I heard an NPR segment, recently, that I thought was going to talk about the exchange program you mentioned above. No love, though.

    I agree that it’s cool. I’ve never heard of ANYthing like this… that didn’t involve Coca-Cola bottles or firearms, anyway.

  2. I find myself contemplating a trade-in program where people hand in firearms and get bottles of Coke in exchange. Like that one commercial that starts out as a shoot-em-up video game and turns into a singing, dancing Coca-Cola musical extravaganza.

  3. lol @ the gun/Coke exchange.

    I’ve never seen or heard of that commercial. Can’t help wondering if it’s the difference between life in Cali & life in Tallahassee, FL.

    Be right back. I’ve got a straw to chew on.

  4. LOL re: the straw.

    I think the ad ran during the pre-show that most of the movie theater chains around here do, which is usually 20 minutes of entertainment “news”/making-of and commercials before the previews start.

    It starts out as something that looks like a Grand Theft Auto game, and then the player character starts handing out bottles of Coke to everyone, they toss away their weapons, and start singing and dancing. I think there are fireworks at some point. It’s really surreal.

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