• Odd: the Weather Channel Android app is 3 times the size of Sherpa. What did they do, forget to compress the graphics? #
  • Never underestimate the bandwidth of a truck full of disks on the freeway. Or a pigeon w/a datacard. #
  • Realized while writing “Go to Help…” that it would be easy to make a very unfortunate typo. #
  • WTF? MS Word 2007 *still* has no keyboard shortcut for Find Next…and it’s not listed in the Customize Keyboard dialog! #
  • Aha! It’s called “RepeatFind” even though the button is “Find Next” and DOES have keys…Shift+F4 & Ctrl+Alt+Y??? Standard is F3 or Ctrl+G! #
  • Saw a good typo on a tech forum: Windows XP “Service Park 2” #

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