I think this was at an Albertsons grocery store. All the vegetables on this particular shelf had little signs like this identifying their uses.

Habañero: Good source of capsaicin

Habañero peppers, a good source of capsaicin? No kidding!

I remember when I was younger, “jalapeño” was practically a synonym for “hot.” I had no idea it was barely the beginning. Jalapeños are only 2,500–8,000 on the Scoville scale—far below the 100,000–350,000 quoted for habañeros.

Spotted the following in a grocery store on Saturday, three days before Valentine’s Day.

Easter egg dye cups

I think the holiday decoration/candy/card industry has started selling two holidays ahead. Christmas stuff was out in October, with both Halloween and Thanksgiving ahead. Here’s Easter stuff on sale with both Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day in the future.

Decoration-wise, there’s not much between Easter and Independence Day. Sure, people get the day off for Memorial Day, but the closest you get to a themed aisle in the grocery store is that you can buy American flags in more places. After the big Fourth of July patriotic blow-out (which of course is on sale by June), the holiday-industrial complex doesn’t really get going again until October—though back-to-school sales seem to be getting earlier all the time. I wonder when they’ll start going straight into back-to-school from graduation sales?