I’ve been experimenting with tags, particularly aimed at Technorati, and I rather like being able to add ad-hoc categories and (I hope) increase the visibility of some posts. I’ve rigged up some style rules (that so far only work in Gecko and KHTML-based browsers, since they rely on the substring attribute selector from CSS3 and no one else has implemented that yet), but typing out <a href="http://technorati.com/tag/whatever" rel="tag">whatever</a> over and over has gotten tiresome. Enter Bunny’s Technorati Tags, which automatically handles them using WordPress’ extensible custom fields. No muss, no fuss, just type in the words in another form field.

One thing I haven’t figured out yet: since the list is separated by spaces, how do you specify a multi-word tag like “Internet Explorer”?

To be honest, this post only exists because I want to test it, and because there seems to be a tradition of “I just installed this neat new plugin” posts. Continue reading