A tree in a city park, knocked down during a heavy storm.

What struck me most about the view from this side was the patch of sod hanging off of the exposed roots.

You can see where the first tree knocked over another tree.

Yes, one tree fell on another and knocked it down too. Or maybe one fell and then the other fell on top of it – it’s hard to tell, since we weren’t there at the time.

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A couple of weeks ago I just had to get out of the house for an afternoon and found myself at the entrance to Peters Canyon Park. The last time I’d been there, the park was closed due to recent rains. This time, it was open.

Several trails run from the entrance around the edge of the park, and one goes inward to an area that’s currently closed off. Because…well…take a look:

Damaged sign: Warning - Mountain Lion Country

I couldn’t help but take a picture. It went so perfectly with this sign I found in Hawaii near the active lava flows: Continue reading