Googolplex Theaters

Googolplex Theaters brings you the ultimate movie experience through the wonder of the Googolplex Headset.

Our advanced virtual reality headset immerses you completely in the sights and sounds of the movie. First, a digital copy of the film is “projected” inside the virtual world. The headset tracks your head and eye movements, adjusting the image so it looks just like you were sitting in an ordinary theater—only with Googolplex, you're guaranteed a perfect view! The digital image ensures there are no scratches, and the headset means you can sit behind the tallest basketball player in town, and still see the “screen!”

Special sound-canceling earphones block out outside sounds, so your experience is unaffected by the personal conversation of the people sitting behind you, or the cell phone ringing at the end of the row. You can even link your headset with your friends for your own private viewing, where you can talk as loudly or as softly as you want!

In time, the Googolplex Headset will completely revolutionize the movie-going experience. We are already in negotiations with several studios to develop movies that take advantage of the unique abilities of virtual reality. Fully 3-D versions of animated films will be available soon, and total immersion VR will transform the meaning of film.

Of course, right now the greatest advantage of the Googolplex Headset is that movie choices—and schedules—are unlimited. An 8-screen cineplex can only manage 8 movies at a time. A 25-screen megaplex will usually double up and only show 15–20. But a Googolplex can show a different movie in every seat!