Googolplex Theaters

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you serious?

Of course not! It's a joke!

I don't get it.

That's not exactly a question, but I think I can guess what you mean. Here goes...

A googol is a really huge number, 10100. That's a 1 with 100 zeroes after it. A googolplex is even bigger: 10 to the googolth power, or 1010100. We're talking 1 with a googol zeroes after it. That's more than the total number of atoms in the universe.

The trend over the last 20 years or so in movie theater chains has been to build bigger and bigger cinema complexes—cineplexes, or megaplexes. Why not go all the way to googolplex?

More info:

So this has nothing to do with Google?

Nothing at all! However, Google's name is a pun on googol. They wanted to imply that their index would hold a whole lot of sites.

You do realize this has been done before, don't you?

Absolutely. But I figured, why not do my own version? It's all in fun, anyway, and it gives me an excuse to mess around with CSS layout ideas.

So is this a Simpsons fan site?

No. In fact, when I came up with the idea, I didn't even know the Simpsons had already used it as a running gag. I've seen far fewer episodes than you might think!


Not a fan site, though I thought I'd sneak in a reference to the underrated tv show.

So where are the pictures really from?

They're all photos I've taken myself. I figured I could grab random pictures from around the net, but I'd challenge myself to use all original photos first.

The “VR.5 Labs” are actually the Laguna Niguel Federal Building, for instance. Other buildings are scattered around Irvine.

Has anyone actually asked you these questions?

To be honest, no. I just figured these are what would probably get asked.

Who are you, anyway?

This site was put together by Kelson Vibber on a whim in March 2005 and launched April 1, 2005 at, where it stayed for a few years before moving here. For more about me, check out my main website, Hyperborea, or my blog, K-Squared Ramblings. You can also read about my web advocacy projects, such as the Alternative Browser Alliance.