Amazon Music


Amazon and I have very different ideas of what this app is for. I see it as a way to listen to music I’ve chosen, whether I’ve purchased it from them, imported it from another source, or selected from their current Prime offerings. Amazon sees it as a way sell me more subscription services.

I mainly still use it because I can play music I’ve bought through Amazon without using my phone storage, and I can look for and listen to music from their Prime catalog. Until it gets dropped.

But I don’t want to have to tap through three ads just to get at media I’ve already paid for.

At least I can turn off auto-starting Car Mode. It’s fine for the middle of a playlist, but it’s simplified too far to do basic tasks like choosing what music I want to listen to when I start the car and haven’t left the driveway yet.

And that’s the root of its problems: It’s not optimized for my choices, it’s optimized for Amazon’s.