Coffee Cartel


The kind of neighborhood coffee house that actually feels like it’s part of a neighborhood. Community bulletin boards, bookshelves, sometimes local art. And a little bit of everything: coffee, tea, pastries, smoothies, and boba. (I don’t know how long they’ve had boba - I just noticed it for the first time on the menu last week.) Offbeat and home-y despite its spot at the end of a row of trendy restaurants. (And it’s been here longer than most of those!) Decent amounts of both indoor and outdoor seating. The kind of atmosphere that makes you want to hang out there.

Most of the street parking has been converted to outdoor dining for those nearby restaurants, but it’s a very short walk from the metered parking lot across from Trader Joe’s.

Located at 1820 S. Catalina Ave. – Redondo Beach, CA 90277

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