Good Time Travel Comics

More specifically, good DC time-travel comics.

DC One Million is a Justice League story that spans 800,000 years. It was a big event, but there’s a collection that features the main story and the key tie-ins.

JLA: Rock of Ages is another Justice League time travel story. Grant Morrison revisited some of the same ground later on with Final Crisis (in this one, several members of the League jump forward in time a decade or so and find that Darkseid has conquered Earth), but IMO Rock of Ages hangs together better.

Time Masters from ~1990 is a good stand-alone story featuring Rip Hunter. (Not to be confused with Time Masters: Vanishing Point - I haven’t read that one, but as I understand it was built around Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne and Flashpoint.) It was reprinted a few years ago, so you should be able to find it. It’s a time travel conspiracy story with the modern team of time travelers trying to block Vandal Savage and the Illuminati in different periods of history.

I rather liked the short-lived series Chronos, about an industrial spy who stumbles into becoming a time traveler. It only lasted around 10 issues or so. Another short-lived series, Hourman, was about a time-traveling android and spun out of DC One Million.