Entradero Park Loop

(Torrance, CA)


Entradero Park is a flood control basin hidden away in a residential part of Torrance, but for the 99% of the time that it doesn’t need to keep storm drains working, facilities include:

  1. Restored wetlands habitat in the middle.
  2. Shaded picnic area in one corner.
  3. City park with field, playground, basketball courts and a dog run along one edge.
  4. Baseball fields wrapping around the center (used by the local Little League, among others).
  5. Walking path through the scrub habitat around the edge of the basin.
  6. Parking.

Small lake or large pond. At the near end is large pillar-type drain. A baseball field is visible at the far shore, next to some thicket of plants, unidentifiable from this distance. Beyond that, brown-green hills with houses on top and dirt trails winding along the hillside.

The loop trail itself is a relaxing walk. Depending on time of year, you may be able to spot wildflowers, birds, rabbits, etc. There’s not much in the way of shade - it’s almost all scrub - but it has a couple of scenic viewpoints, and part of it runs close to the wetlands. The pond usually has water in it, and often has ducks, geese, and other waterfowl.

The combinations can sometimes be amusing: I once watched a flock of geese trying to share the baseball outfield with a riding lawnmower. The lawnmower would approach them, they’d all take wing, and then they’d settle somewhere nearby where the grass hadn’t been cut yet…and then repeat the cycle when the lawnmower turned around for the next pass!

Located at 5500 Towers StreetTorrance, CA 90503 US

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