Hopkins Wilderness Park

(Redondo Beach, CA)


Itโ€™s imitation wilderness, but a good place to bring your kids or just take a shady walk in something that feels like nature. Lightly wooded, trees, some hills, trails, a stream and a duck pond, plus areas for picnics and overnight camping. You can almost forget youโ€™re in the middle of suburbia, but itโ€™s too small to get lost. (Also too small to recommend as a destination if youโ€™re not already in the area.)

Over the last few years, a local conservation group (South Bay Parkland Conservancy) has been slowly re-introducing native plants to rewild the landscape. This works out well ecologically, makes it a touch more authentic, and adds another educational layer for field trips.

Restrooms and water are available at the front and at each campsite, plus a few more drinking fountains scattered around the park.

Narrow dirt trail curving out of sight among green-leaved trees and smaller plants. A small metal sign can just be seen saying Native Habitat Restoration Area. A small stream lined with concrete and embedded stones, low trees lit by sunlight on either side and in the distance.

You can see more of my photos in this Flickr album.

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