Nextcloud News


Simple web-based news reader for Nextcloud, feels faster in the browser than some desktop apps I’ve used. Took me all of a minute to install on my Nextcloud server, and a few more to find the export button on Feedly. (It imported my subscriptions perfectly, by the way.) In addition to running smoothly on the website, there are multiple clients for desktop or mobile access. I’ve found NewsFlash is good on Linux, and I’m still looking for one I like on Windows.

Mobile App

For my phone I went with NextCloud News for Android. Lightweight, fast, and stable. Works exactly like you’d expect, down to swiping gestures to save/archive posts from the list view, or flip through article view, and matches the system light/dark theme by default.

Super easy to set up if you already have the Nextcloud app on your phone.

You can also manage your subscriptions through the app, including autodetecting feeds on websites that support it, and importing subscriptions from an OPML file.

Online at Nextcloud News. Available from Google Play (Android), F-Droid (Android).