Star Wars: Andor - Season One


A more serious take on Star Wars, with a bit more personal scope. It’s not just the Empire and Rebellion fighting each other, seen from the perspective of a few heroes and villains. It’s how oppression and corruption grind people down, even those enmeshed in it. And the high cost of doing the right thing, desperately hoping that the sacrifice is worth it. And sometimes, hoping that it really is the right thing.

Amazing cinematography, and a show that will make you think in addition to the sci-fi action you’d expect.

That said, it starts off slow. The first two episodes didn’t feel like a story yet, just bullet points in things going wrong for everyone, waiting for the other shoe to drop. By the third episode the shoe drops, the puzzle pieces start to connect, and by the end of the season, it’s thoroughly gripping.

I’d recommend letting each episode sit for a bit rather than binge-watching (unless you want to watch the first 3 episodes as a block). It helps to let the story sink in.