Star Wars: The Book of Boba Fett


I really wanted to like The Book of Boba Fett. I like Fett well enough and I like Fennec Shand…but I just couldn’t get into the story of him trying – clumsily – to become a crimelord.

The flashbacks showing his escape from the Sarlaac, his captivity and later acceptance into a Tusken tribe were fascinating, and I would cheerfully have watched more of that!

I think the problem with the show is that they put everything that audiences wanted out of a Boba Fett show into The Mandalorian. Cool armor and weapons, has his own code, always seen with the mask on, flies around the galaxy and gets into fights… They had to do something different for a Boba Fett show…but the approach they took just didn’t work for me.

(Spoiler: Also, I was so mad at Luke and Ahsoka in their guest spot. The two people in the galaxy best suited to understand that denying Anakin familial attachment is what enabled the dark side to get its hooks in him, and there they are repeating the old order’s mistake with their first student.)