Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

A campy take on the super-hero genre, from the point of view of a D-list villain trying to make it to the big leagues.

Doctor Horrible, mad scientist (Neil Patrick Harris); Captain Hammer, the super-hero who keeps beating him up (Nathan Fillion); and the girl from the laundromat whom he’s too shy to speak with (Felicia Day).

It’s funny. It’s quirky. It’s short. It’s structured as a video blog intercut with narrative scenes. And yes, there are songs. They remind me of a cross between “Once More With Feeling” and Moulin Rouge. (Though I still get “Someone Keeps Moving My Chair” running through my head with slightly altered lyrics. “Dr. Horrible. Dr. Horrible. Telephone call for Dr. Horrible…”)

I think I liked the middle act best. The last episode doesn’t quite deliver on the promise of the first two, though there were some great bits in it, and the resolutions for Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer were fitting. There was a twist that Katie had predicted that I thought would have been really cool, but it turned out to be wrong.