Roj Blake’s Eagle Project


Things were pretty dull on board the Liberator. Blake had just led the group on another raid, and they were currently drifting aimlessly through space. The crew was relaxing on the flight deck.

Blake noticed a rope laying on the floor. He picked it up and began tying knots. First a square knot, then a figure-eight, then a bowline. He continued tying different knots until there was no more room left on the rope.

“How did you learn all those knots?” Jenna asked.

“I learned them while I was in Alpha Scouts,” Blake replied. “Those were the days…”

You were in Alpha Scouts?” Vila questioned, apparently excited and intrigued by this revelation.

I didn’t let my parents force me into Alpha Scouts,” Avon responded, trying to project a superior image. “I didn’t waste my time on such useless activities.”

“Did you make Eagle?” Vila asked.

“What’s Alpha Scouts’?” Cally inquired.

“Alpha Scouts,” Blake answered, “is an organization devoted to developing leadership skills in alpha youth. And yes, I did make Eagle.”

“Very impressive to the lower classes,” Avon sneered.

“What was your project?” Gan asked.

“Let’s see… It was right after I finished my Charisma Merit Badge that I submitted my first project.”

“You mean you did more than one project?” Vila interrupted.

“I mean I submitted more than one project. I only did one project. Anyway, my first project was to start a revolution in the Delta Domes.”

“You organized the revolt in Delta Dome 4?” Vila couldn’t resist another question.

“No, Vila. And quit interrupting. I planned a revolt against the security forces in Delta Dome 3. The Eagle committee would not accept it. But apparently someone got a hold of my plans, because the actual revolt in Delta Dome 4 occurred the following week, right after I lost them.”

“Deltas never could count,” Avon interjected nastily.

Blake ignored him and continued: "After another month, I completed my plan for another project. I was going to begin a drug awareness program. But it was turned down as well. The Federation told the committee they wouldn’t tolerate the ordinary citizens learning that they were being given drugged food and water, or what it did to them. They didn’t even mention any illegal drugs.

"I later reworked the plan so that it included illegal drugs only. But they still didn’t approve. Now I know that the Federation runs the Terra Nostra, which thrives on drugs like shadow. But back then, I couldn’t understand it. So I went back to the planning stages.

“That was very dedicated of you,” Cally commented.

“Thank you,” Blake replied. “The next project I planned was to begin an education program on various forms of government by the people. That was also refused. Following that, I worked on a plan to promote the rights of citizens of all classes. But the committee refused every single project.”

“How did you finally carry through with your project?” Gan asked.

Blake casually responded: “Oh, I ended up organizing a group to overthrow and replace the Eagle Committee. I would have preferred something a bit more challenging, though.”