Without the Process

To the tune of “I Need To Know” from Jekyll & Hyde
by Frank Wildhorn and Leslie Bricusse

I need to know
The meaning of the lyrics that make up this show.
I need to know,
Although my brain may run into an overflow.

Why did the author choose lyrics like this one?
What is the story that I’m s’pposed to tell?
Who am I playing, and where am I going?
I’m lost a lot, so this role is shot straight to hell!

I need to find
A way to get myself in the composer’s brain.
I need to try
Before I have to make up yet one more refrain.

One thing is certain: this song is much longer
Than it seemed when it sat there on the shelf.
I need to bring out a character stronger.
Without support, I must do the whole thing myself.

I need to go
Backstage to knock on someone’s door,
'Cause I didn’t learn it before.
Will I save my performance, or just be a bore?
Sing fast or slow?
I need to know!

I need to learn
The secrets that the author will not tell, in turn.
I need to learn
Just what the heck he means by saying “You will burn.”

Why do I speak about Kansas in autumn?
Where do I move at the end of each verse?
What do I do with my hands in my pockets?
Am I alone, or the victim of someone’s curse?

I need to know
The rest of the words to this song,
Or I’m gonna get it all wrong,
And I’ll make a big fool of myself on the stage.
So turn the page.
I need to know!

Dear God, help me!
Show me what I must do!
My confusion will fell me!
With your guidance I’ll show them how great I can be!

I need to see
What only the character sees,
To be him instead of just me!
Give me power to know what each actor must know,
And I will go,
I need to know!