I hear the call of the distant sea,
And find this place once more.
I gaze far out to the setting sun,
And listen to the roar.
Below me, waves hit jagged rocks.
Wind rushes up to meet me.
Yet all I see are birds in flight,
So beautiful and free.

Three times have I been here and watched,
And thrice have longed to fly.
And thrice by friendly voice restrained,
When foolishly Iā€™d die.
I turn my head and now I know
That I am here alone.
This time I have not brought my friend.
Iā€™m out here on my own.

The dream of flight, though beautiful,
For me shall never be.
Were I to try, Iā€™d plummet
To the bottom of the sea.
At last I know what I must do;
The moment is at hand.
I turn away. My destiny,
I now know, lies on land.

I always shall remember, and
Someday I may return,
But nevermore will I believe
This dream, for I have learned.