I Know Them So Well

To the tune of “I Know Him So Well” from Chess
Music by one of the guys from ABBA, original lyrics by Tim Rice

Nothing’s good enough to hear eternally
Sometimes you get tired of a song
But this has never hindered anyone
Singing just the same all quarter long.

This girl here, she could have sung a different tune–
Maybe something really loud and swell.
The same old songs keep cropping up again.
Now at least I know I know them well.

Wasn’t it good?
Wasn’t it fine?
But I’ve been counting–
Here’s thirty-nine!
Couldn’t I see
How it would be?
If I’m sick of the part,
Why do I know it by heart!?

Wasn’t it good?
Wasn’t it fun?
Isn’t it tragic
It’s overdone?
I hope next week we’ll hear a
Couple of other songs
More original.
I know these so well.
I would like to hear some new songs.
I know them so well.