A Brief Site History

This is a personal web site belonging to Kelson Vibber. Parts of it date back to 1995, when I started building a "home page" on UCI's student servers and a Les Misérables fan page on AOL's user web space. I consolidated everything into a single site at Hyperborea.org in 2000.

Moving and Updates

Ideally, cool URLs don't change. Practically? I've pulled in a lot of posts that I originally made somewhere else online. Mailing lists, social media, forum posts, other blogging platforms, and so on. And I've some from one part of this site to another. Moving troubleshooting articles from the blog to the Tech Tips section, for instance. I do try to add redirects when I have access to the original location, to keep old links working.

Dates: If it's just been moved (even from another site), I'll usually keep the original date. IMO the date on a post should reflect when it was written and published, not just when it was put in its current location. For substantial changes I'll note that it's been updated. That's why if you look carefully you'll sometimes see backdated posts showing up in the blog. (I tag these as imported posts, and usually add another tag to indicate where I'd posted it previously.)

That said, in the older parts of the site I used to change the date every time the code changed, which I eventually realized was pointless: No one cares when I added something to the sidebar or changed the background, they care whether the actual page content is new.

Timeline of Major Additions/Removals

Les Mis lyrics fan site, MIDI collection
Creative writing, Flash fan site, Babylon 5 fan site
Move to Hyperborea.org. Add humor collection. Remove Les Mis lyrics
Main blog
Alternative Browser Alliance (side project)
Speed Force blog (side project)
Re-Reading Les Mis blog
Gemini capsule
Tech tips, reviews. Clean up. IndieWeb profile at KVibber.com.

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