2 thoughts on “Just saw “Orpheus.” On tape.

  1. And where the hell is Cordy getting her clothes? Evil Pregnant Sluts ‘R’ Us?

    Now, where else would Cordy shop for maternity wear?

    I couldn’t figure out if that last outfit was suppposed to imply that she was trying to fit preggy self into old sexy black dress or that evil can find the right clothes for the job?

    Maybe Faith helped her go shopping…you never know…

  2. Actually, now that I’ve seen the next one, I think she’s actually just saving money by going to Evil Fat Sluts ‘R’ Us instead. Her outfit looked very similar to the kinds of things Large Hawk Woman and Dippy Atkins Dropout at work wear. Of course, they probably go to the local outlet of Who, Me, Overweight? Inc.

    And I’m quitting before the cattiness gets too thick. That belongs in the GATOS thread.

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