Maybe it’s egotistical to keep a list of who you would want to play your characters in a visual media production, but I do it. Some characters started out looking like celebrities; others grew into them. Sometimes I’ll see a star I’ve never seen before and think they look familiar, and a second later it’ll hit me that they’ve lived in my head for lo these many years.

So I’ve got this running tally. Last night, I added one to it and another character–there’s no other way to describe it–got jealous. I’d thought after seeing the Hulk movie that Eric Bana might have a place in my head. After seeing Troy yesterday, it’s confirmed: he’s definitely Vance. Now, you’d think this would inspire me to work on something he’s in, but due to my current license plate chase, I’ve been working more on Prophecy. I tried last night to review and revise some bits and found it incredibly difficult, due to characters getting uppity. Seems Temin got wind of someone being cast and decided he wanted to be played by Alexis Denisof. Which is totally wrong, but I couldn’t convince him. All the already-written dialogue was coming out Wesley, and everything I came up with for revisions was following suit. Eventually I gave up.

I was complaining to Kelson a bit later and tossing around the idea of picking stars we like and trying to cast them. Keira Knightley came up, and I thought there wouldn’t be a place for her, but then remembered a story I had written maybe a paragraph of, where she might fit. A second later, I’d cast Amy Acker as her older sister, the main character.

This morning in the shower, they started arguing in my head. It took fifteen minutes to transcribe. Maybe story 5 will get written after all.

2 thoughts on “Casting call

  1. Virginia Hey = Myrithe. Crazy thing is, I’ve seen her without the blue makeup before, once in person (though for just a few seconds) and she didn’t register. The round of looking up what the Farscape actors look like without makeup last night was what did it. What is it with me and Australian actors in my head?

  2. I figured out yesterday why Evangeline Lilly looked familiar when I first saw “Lost.” She’s as close to Tama as anyone’s gotten so far. A little older than ideal for APK, but life does go on inside my head……

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