I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so many misspellings of “college” in one email! Excerpts:

Real Cllgeoe Girls

Neeswt Tnocoelhgy for Gteting Off!

Find out what these cleolge girls REALLY learend at shocol….

And my favorite bit, the label for the unsubscribe link:

Hold Off This Rubbish

All the obfuscation did nothing to disguise the spam – it still got labeled – but it does make for some entertaining reading!

2 thoughts on “Clearly, they didn’t learn spelling!

  1. Drowning in spam
    These people are no longer amusing. I’ve been getting about 10 messages a day from them. On Friday I actually had to add a rule to the server config to detect their domain names, since half of them didn’t score high enough to get labeled as spa…

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