Well, it looks like Fedora Core 1 is scheduled to expire in about a month, when the second test release of Fedora Core 3 comes out. At that point, the Fedora Legacy team will take over producing security updates.

It’s been an interesting ride. Fedora 1 had very few problems, was more advanced than Red Hat 9 and more stable than Red Hat 8. I’ve had some problems with Fedora 2, but aside from upgrading snafus they’ve all been direct results of the switch to the new Linux kernel series. (New sound system: sound always starts out muted. New USB drivers: one system requires me to unplug and reconnect the scanner after turning it on.)

At this point I’m not running Fedora 1 anywhere, and I’d probably use Fedora 2 (or 3 when it’s ready), Debian, or FreeBSD for new servers (although I’d need more practice with BSD before going that last route).

As for desktops, I keep planning to try out Mandrake Linux 10, but I still haven’t gotten around to it. Maybe I’ll install it, or SuSE 9.1, on the system with the scanner problem.

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