Microsoft has spent the past few decades focusing on convenience and backward compatibility. As a result many of their products are so riddled with security holes that worldwide virus outbreaks hit every few months, and unpatched Windows systems are compromised within 20 minutes of being connected to the Internet. And let me tell you, Microsoft has gotten a lot of flak over this.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 represents a major shift, promoting out-of-the-box security at the expense of compatibility and convenience. So what happens? Just about all the coverage I’ve seen looks like this:

Come on, people. You’ve spent the last five years criticizing MS for neglecting security in favor of compatibility, and when they finally switch gears, you criticize them for that?

Certainly you should check the list of compatibility issues before installing — you should do that with any upgrade. And of course SP2 won’t solve everything, but it’ll help considerably.

I just find it amazing (although I suppose I shouldn’t) that they finally do what people have been saying they should do for years, and they still get criticized.

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