MessageLabs has found that “only” 84.2% of email was spam in August, down from 94.5% in July.

Let that sink in.

Just under one-sixth of email sent last month was “real” mail. That means, on average, someone who receives 10 “real” emails a day will receive 60 pieces of spam. And just that much is an improvement!

Can you imagine that statistic applied to something else, like food? “Only 84% of milk sold in August was contaminated…” Or entertainment. It would be like watching 10 minutes of a TV show scattered among 50 minutes of commercials.

Actually, the way some stations show movies, that might not be too far off the mark…

One thought on “Only 84% garbage!

  1. Aaahh, that’s only in the last half of the movie. As I remember it, the ratio starts out at about 70-30 and gradually flip-flops over the course of the timeslot. Of course, that data is from a few years ago, so it probably reaches 10-90 by the last 5 minutes these days…..

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