CAN-SPAM one year later: more spam than ever. Spam has more than doubled from 15 billion messages in 2003 to an estimated 35 billion in 2004. Is anyone really surprised? From the article: “The FTC says the goal of the act was never to cut down on spam but to give recipients control via the opt-out component.” Hmm, that might be part of why groups like Spamhaus were calling it the “You Can Spam” act. (via The War on Spam)

Webroot identifies the Top 10 “Most Unwanted” Spyware programs, using the “P-I Index…. P is for prevalence, I is for insidiousness.” The “winners” include pop-up generators, keystroke loggers, autodialers and the like. (via Aunty Spam’s Net Patrol)

Finally, there are several fixes and work-arounds for the pop-up window spoofing vulnerability I wrote about last week. There’s the all-inclusive method: close all other browser windows. Netcraft reports that Opera has issued a fix (7.54u1) and Safari is safe if pop-up blocking is enabled. I just got an email indicating that KDE has released a fix for Konqueror (expect that to start hitting distributions this week). No word yet on Firefox or IE, and while Microsoft has its monthly patch day tomorrow, I wouldn’t expect this to show up quite that soon.

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