The Register has published an interview with a link spammer. Link spamming is more like vandalism than junk mail, but the spammers still fall back on the old “It could be argued that a website owner is actually inviting content to their site when they allow comments” BS. Do we need to put up a digital “No Trespassing” sign? Does anyone really think the spammers would honor it?

The interviewee explains that “it’s nothing personal,” a cliché you probably can’t even get into a script without acknowledging its triteness. You know, I’m sure if someone breaks into my house and uses my printer to make a few hundred posters, it’s nothing personal either…but it doesn’t justify it.

(via The War on Spam)

2 thoughts on “Into the twisted mind of a link spammer

  1. *sigh* While I appreciate the irony of someone posting link spam to this page, I don’t appreciate the spam.

    Sorry, dude, hope you got the most out of your three minutes of nofollow’ed linkage.

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