In the past few weeks, advertising developers have come up with scripts that will work around Firefox’s pop-up blocking. This is rather like a telemarketer calling someone on the do-not-call list. We installed a browser that blocks pop-ups for a reason. We are not your target audience; we are the people for whom pop-up ads are an invitation to boycott the advertiser.

If you’re selling something door-to-door, some people will buy, some will not, and some will be annoyed. But if someone has posted a “No Soliciting” sign, it’s a sure bet that they’re going to slam the door in your face. Why go to the effort when you know it’s going to be counterproductive?

One thought on “Note to Purveyors of Pop-ups

  1. Although it is entire unethical what they are doing, most marketers know that the biggest “lay downs” (easy sales) can come from the people who try the hardest to avoid the salesman. Only a jerk would penetrate this group against their wishes but the fact is, the sales are there to be made. It sucks but it’s a truth of life and any marketer can tell you that. Nice blog, by the way 🙂

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