I remember reading a post a while back where someone looked at one of those “personals” spams—the ones that claim some sexy girl has seen your profile and wants to *ahem* “meet” you, and the variations that claim the rendezvous has already been arranged. Whoever it was noticed that one message used four or five names for the same (probably fictitious) woman.

We get a lot of these in some of our spamtraps, and I would’ve just skimmed right by this one except that they’ve upped the ante with two temptresses named Erika & Julia. In fact, that’s exactly how they were referred to every single time, even the line about how you can “get a better look at her beautiful body before you head over.”

Wait a minute. “Her body, ” singular? I thought this was two girls? Are they conjoined twins? Do they psychically share the same mind? Is Erika&Julia sort of a Samneric thing? And why does the message quote someone named Janice? Is she trying to make her profile more attractive by making men anticipate attending to the needs of two women instead of one? I’m confused, and that spamtrap is going to be very disappointed. 😉

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