OK, so we know Serenity didn’t do that well at the box office (despite being an excellent movie), but the DVD sales seem to be doing great. Last Thursday, just two days after release, Best Buy not only had it on its Best Seller shelf, they were actually sold out of the widescreen version. And Amazon.com’s DVD rankings show Serenity at #2 and Firefly at #3. Considering that the Firefly DVDs have been out for something like two years, and everything else on the 25-item list is either a new release or a new special edition, the obvious conclusion is that Amazon’s “Buy this DVD with Firefly” ploy is working—or that people are (again) watching the movie and then coming back for more.

Is Fox TV eligible for the “Turning down the Beatles” award yet?

2 thoughts on “Flop? What Flop?

  1. Probably not. As I understand it, most of the people who went to the pre-screenings back in… May?… were fans of the show, and likely to not only go see it again in September/October (when they had to pay for it), but more likely than the general populace to go see it more than once, making up for those who didn’t go see it again.

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