A mortgage spam started with this line:

D r ear Home O u wne u r ,

OK, so they’re inserting random space-letter-space sets into the text. But let’s ignore what they’re trying to say, and look at how it actually came out.

“Drear” home owner? (Or rather, “ouwneur?” Are they French?) Apparently I picked up the deed to the House of Usher or some such miserable domicile. I can’t say I’ve noticed any ravens around (not counting my comic collection, anyway), though I’ve certainly been awake many a weary midnight.

One thought on “Such a Dreary Place

  1. That comic stuff was interesting. My husbands more into the comic stuff than I am- He’s a big Superman fan.

    As for all that mispelled silliness I get in the mail.. I figure the way the write it, it’s a lot easier to quickly see what needs junked. LOL


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