I’ve been zombie-fied.

Comic-Con was fun, but exhausting. Add that to staying up too late last night and not being used to the heat…

You see, downtown San Diego was fairly nice all week. According to weather.com it only hit 83, which was uncomfortable when carrying a heavy backpack (or in Katie’s case, wearing a heavy pirate costume) in the sun, but quite comfortable in the shade or with a breeze. We got our first taste of what things have been like back home when we stopped for a bathroom break near the Irvine Spectrum area around sunset last night. It felt warmer at sunset in Irvine than it did in mid-afternoon in San Diego.

I don’t think the bedroom ever really cooled off last night, even with a fan running in the window all night.

Then after a night of “sleep” I got into work and I started hearing about temperatures hitting 108. It’s just… astonishing.

Anyway, I’m currently on twice my normal daily dose of coffee and I’m still spacing out and mistyping stuff.

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