Figured what the heck. I’m now on ComicSpace.

Because I need yet another site to suck up all my time.

It’s being described as MySpace for comics people—creators, fans, reviewers, etc.—though the feature set is pretty sparse right now. I’ve resisted MySpace itself partly because of a somewhat adversarial relationship with the site*, partly because I can’t stand looking at most MySpace pages, and partly because my friends are all on LiveJournal, so there’s really no compelling reason for me to go there.

And yet I’ve got profiles at LiveJournal, Slashdot, Opera, WordPress, Spread Firefox… Even eBay is adding blogging capabilities. Maybe I should bite the bullet and sign up for a Blogger account too. At least then I’ll be able to comment on Crimson Lightning.

*The culture at MySpace seems to encourage hotlinking images without asking. I’m still a writer at heart, so I consider the commentary to be as important as the images or more… and it really annoys me when people en masse just embed the images on their own site. Though I suppose it’s not as bad as the occasional “geniuses” on other forums who will hotlink an 800×600 or bigger photograph as their avatar, even though it only displays at 80×80. Damn kids, get off my lawn!

4 thoughts on “Joined ComicSpace

  1. MySpace doesn’t appeal to me in design or content (judging it by the few pages I’ve seen here or there). I have no intentions of joining up.

    ComicSpace doesn’t really blow my skirt up, as a concept, but I’ll at least check out your site and see how things go from there.

    Good luck with it.

  2. MySpace as a service definitely bites a moderate amount for average Joes and Joans, though I imagine the music community still finds it effective. It’s self-contained to the point of being insular, highly limited in its capabilities, and generally not much fun to use. I’m on it only because people I care about are on it. If they were on LJ, my life would be easier, but we can’t have everything. (Where would we put it?)

  3. First ~24 hours:

    Set up minimal profile info w/ tags & links.

    Sent friend requests to a blogger I follow and a couple of creators whose work I like. Got two back approved.

    Received 15 friend requests… all from people I’ve never heard of, all of whom appear to be comics creators or publishers. This may be in part because I had tagged myself with “website,” which I’ve since changed to “webmaster.”

    Need to write a longer profile and see if I can track down more people I recognize from other forums and such.

  4. The “friends” you’ve “never heard of” thing seems very common and another element that does not appeal to me.

    I guess it’s like the AOL/AIM “buddy list,” though. The company set up a name, but the important thing is the function of the thing (i.e. having quick access to folks’).

    I dunno.

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