WordPress 2.5.1 is out, with a slew of bug fixes and one “very important security fix” which will reportedly be disclosed soon. It’s worth upgrading ASAP. You don’t want your blog hacked.

Highlights are listed at that first link, but for me the most noticeable change was a fix in the new media uploader. When uploading images on Linux, the thumbnail+properties form would display 3 times, none of them actually usable, for each image uploaded. Once I clicked on the gallery and went back, it was fine, so I could still use it, but it was an extra step that shouldn’t have been necessary. I kept meaning to report the bug, but it looks like someone got to it ahead of me. Thanks, someone!

And now, a request to WordPress Plugin Developers. When you release a new version, please tell me what has changed. Some plugin authors are good about this, including announcements on their web pages. Some even include a changelog with the download. But some don’t do either, and the only way to find out is to download the new files and compare them to the old ones using a tool like diff.

Now that I think about it, putting a “release notes” section in each entry in the Plugin Directory would go a long way toward making this work. It would put the information right there in the directory, and it would encourage plugin authors to compile the information int he first place.