Editorial and Guest Post Policy

This is a personal website belonging to Kelson Vibber (see site history).

"But what about...?"

The K-Squared Ramblings blog sometimes features posts by immediate family. The Flash fan site has a single guest post from 2003. I briefly ran Google ads around 2010, and ran my own curated Amazon affiliate ads for specific products from 2010-2015 or so. There might still be a handful of affiliate links to my web hosting provider kicking around on here somewhere. And my Les Mis blog has a repost (with permission) of a guest review from 1993.

None of these should be taken as any sort of sign that I'm open to running paid ads, guest posts linking to your site, or anything of that sort in the mid-2020s.

Reader Comments and Group Projects

First-time blog commenters have to be approved. Akismet screens blog comments for spam. Sometimes I'll delete comments that are off-topic, or comments on older posts. Don't be a jerk in the comments. I use software to consolidate replies on cross-posts, which sometimes works, and sometimes doesn't and sometimes I'll delete the local copies of those comments to keep the conversation focused.

If you want me to delete your comments, or your part of a group project, just let me know and I'll remove them. Use the blog contact form or email me at webmaster@hyperborea.org.

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