I’ve seen some pretty weird spam in my time, both as an email user and an email admin. My favorite is still the request to purchase a Dimensional Warp Generator. But this one, which showed up in the spamtraps a few days ago, has got to be pretty close.

Old Witchcraft Secrets – make your wildest dreams come true

“Old Witchcraft Secrets” will show you in detail, how you can cast powerful spells, to make your wildest dreams come true.

It’s NOT your fault that your spells and rituals aren’t turning out like you want… YET.

The truth is… you’ve been misled by self-proclaimed powerful wizards and witches… and the truth is that 99% of these ‘professionals’ are DEAD WRONG!

In fact, a lot of what they say will actually diminish your powers.

They don’t want you to know the right way to cast spells because if you did, you’d never need them again and they would lose their power!

You cannot invent ‘new’ spells like you cannot invent a new tree. Everything is old. But not everything is known in the right way.

Get 3 Spells just for visiting our site

As you know, many witches and wizards are FURIOUS about this. Why?

Because it reveals the true forgotten secrets of witchcraft. Secrets more powerful than what they can do through their very expensive services…

Soon, everybody will be able to do this at home, more effectively, cheaper and faster….

You’ve seen some ridiculous prices on the internet for getting a spell done. It’s obvious they are getting rich off of normal people and their problems…

Once you know their secrets, you wonít need to give them your money!

I’ve personally tested this information, and some of the old forgotten stuff is mind blowing: it’s accurate, effective and quite easy to do.

Discover The Most Powerful Spells and Secrets

It’s so close to the make money fast and business/health secrets “they” don’t want you to know genres that I have to wonder if it’s a parody. It sounds like something Harry Potter would find in the Classifieds section of The Daily Prophet—or perhaps The Quibbler.

One thought on “Weirdest Spam Yet

  1. You know, I am surprised that someone hasn’t written a book about the different weird spams that they have gotten. This one takes the cake though!

    Did you get your 3 free spells? Lol!

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