I used to keep a sidebar linkblog here, but I’ve long since stopped. These days I’m more likely to post an interesting link to Twitter, or just save it up for a later post. I figured the WordPress 2.8 upgrade was as good a time as any to clean out the old plugin.

Still, I hate removing things from the web, so here’s an archive of 2½ years’ worth of linkblogging from 2005-2007.

I suspect anywhere from 20-30% are probably long gone, but I’ll go through them later. Edit (June 15): After switching from my ancient linklint-based script to the Broken Link Checker plugin for WordPress, it turns out that surprisingly few of the links here have gone bad. Maybe 10-15 out of almost 180. I’ve fixed a few already, and I suspect the remaining ones are just gone. One news story (and professional news organizations are terrible at preserving URLs even when they keep stories around in paid archives), two sites that I know have done major reorganization and dropped a lot of old material, and one novelty site.

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