When ABC canceled* the insane-office-politics sitcom Better Off Ted in February, they decided not to show the last two episodes. I don’t know what they were waiting for, or why they didn’t just throw them on at 3am on a Sunday to get it over with, except that it would have let people watch it on DVR and Hulu. They eventually decided to show the two episodes in the timeslot for the seventh game of the NBA finals in June, since the finals never go to a seventh game…except, of course, this year they did.

I was beginning to think we’d have to wait for the DVDs just to be able to see the last two episodes…except there was no sign of a season 2 DVD release, either.

The wait is over: as of the first of the month, Better Off Ted Season 2 is available online at Netflix Instant, Amazon Video on Demand, and iTunes. The whole season, including those last two episodes!

We watched them both tonight. They were great: just as funny, quirky, absurd (in every sense of the word) and uncomfortable as ever.

I’m really going to miss this show. Really, I’ve been missing it since February, but there was always that thought that, somewhere in a network vault there were two more new episodes to see, if ABC would ever let them out.

For now, they’re streaming online. Here’s hoping for an eventual DVD or Blu-Ray release — some form of semi-permanent library. Because I don’t trust ABC to keep the show available long-term.

*Technically they didn’t officially cancel it until May, but production was shut down and they hadn’t shown an episode since February. It was pretty clear they weren’t going to bring it back.

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