Klout’s methodology confuses me. When I first signed on with two profiles — one personal, the other for Speed Force — they classified my personal profile as an “explorer,” and Speed Force as a “specialist.” This makes sense to me. Speed Force also had a higher score for quite a while (it certainly has a bigger audience on any given network).

Sure, there were oddities like their conviction that I was influential about Washington DC rather than DC comics, or Reading Pennsylvania rather than, well, reading, and so on. But at least the overall classifications made sense.

Recently, that’s flipped. My personal profile is scored as having more influence, which I guess makes sense because it’s associated with more social networks (Flickr, Google+, etc.) and I actually do interact more through my personal profiles, especially on FB.

But the weird thing: Now my personal profile is a “specialist,” while Speed Force, which I use exclusively to discuss comics and plug blog posts about comics, is a “socializer.” Huh? Did I post too much about SOPA or something?

Notes: 1. Originally posted on Google+. 2. Klout was a service that tracked your social media influence across multiple networks. You could link Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. to one Klout account and it would try to analyze how you interact with other people on all those networks.

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