Final pieces of Irvine Ranch complete ‘open-space puzzle’ in O.C. – LA Times

This spot in eastern Orange is now part of a proposed 2,500-acre gift from the Irvine Co. to Orange County — 1,400 acres here and an additional 1,100 in Anaheim Hills.

Well, good. I’ve lamented the loss of both open space and local farmland as more and more of Orange County has been paved over with houses and shopping malls. Since moving to the South Bay area, I’ve seen the potential endgame. “Open space” out here consists of the occasional empty block that’s been set aside, or hillside that’s too steep to build on conveniently. Palos Verdes has a bit more, but it’s filling in. At least the Portuguese Bend area is likely to stay clear, since the ground isn’t stable enough to build on.

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