Camino, the Gecko-based web browser designed specifically for Mac OS X, has just released version 1.0… and among the release notes it mentions that it’s a universal binary.

As far as I know, this makes it only the third released web browser to work natively on both PowerPC and Intel Macs, after Safari and Shiira. The Opera 9 previews have been universal binaries, and Firefox plans to have them for their next bugfix/stability release (, probably sometime next month).

The Mozilla-based Camino web browser for Mac OS X has just launched 0.9 alpha 1, and the release notes* include this item:

Rarely see “beach balls of death”.

I don’t remember whether I’d heard the term before (I recall the “spinning pizza of death,” or maybe of doom), but I knew exactly what it meant.

*In spring 2007, they restructured the website. The release notes for the 0.9 series have been incorporated into the notes for 1.0.