A lot of articles on SEO make me cringe, because they tend to have the attitude that Google (and it’s always Google) owes them traffic because they jumped through all the right hoops, and how dare they ever change what those hoops are!

It’s refreshing to see an article by someone who recognizes that Google’s job is not to give websites high rankings, but to show readers what they’re searching for. Their algorithm is a way of measuring how closely you match that goal, not the goal itself.

Doing your SEO solely by targeting today’s algorithms is like only studying what you know is going to be on a test: it might work for this test, but it won’t help as much on the next one…or when you get out into the real world.

People aren’t looking for backlinks and keyword density. People are looking for content. In the end, no matter how tricked out your SEO is, it’s compelling content that keeps people coming back.