Hoosgot advice on selecting a compact laser printer for occasional home use? I’m looking for something that can handle going for weeks of inactivity without requiring excessive maintenance. Black & white is okay, since I’d rather take photos to Costco anyway.

It seems like every time we use our current inkjet, either the ink has dried out or it’s clogged the nozzles, and no matter how many cleaning cycles we run, the output always seems to have broken lines. I’m thinking a laser printer might work better, but I have no idea how much maintenance is involved.

What I’m looking for:

  • Small.
  • Can be turned on after a month or two (or more) and actually work.
  • Black & white is fine.
  • A built-in network interface (Cat5 or wireless) would be nice.

So how often does toner need to be replaced? Is it strictly on how much gets printed, or does it “go bad” in some way (like ink drying out) over time? Does the printer need to be cleaned if it’s not used? Would I actually be worse off than before?

Thanks in advance!

This is a bit of an experiment. I’d seen something about Hoosgot a few months ago: basically it’s a way to pose a question to the Internet.