A press release from The Hero Initiative arrived today, describing their plans for MegaCon. The dateline said Los Angeles, which I found funny, because I knew MegaCon was somewhere on the east coast, but I couldn’t remember exactly where (and the press release didn’t say).

So I looked up the convention website. The first location I saw was Orange County, which was a bit confusing because I live in Orange County, California, which is right next to LA. Then I remembered there was an Orange County in Florida as well. Scrolling further down the page I confirmed that the con was in Orlando.

The cognitive dissonance lasted all of a second or two, but it makes me want to go back and look at anything I’ve posted about WonderCon in the past week and make sure I mentioned it was in San Francisco.

(The post title is not to be *ahem* confused with ConFusion, a convention in Michigan for which I’ve occasionally seen flyers.)