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The Lone Cypress - 800×550, 112 KB
Just south of Monterey is the famous Lone Cypress, growing out of the rock outcropping. Unfortunately, you can no longer go out along the rock to the tree, so you can’t recreate moments from Vertigo.
August 1998.

View from Cypress Point Lookout - 800×544, 135 KB
Along the same stretch of coast as the Lone Cypress is this point. And this time, I was there on a day with sunlight. (larger image on Flickr)
March 25, 2000.


Palm Canyon Waterfall - 800×550, 172 KB
In the mountains of the Anza-Borrego desert, there’s a trail along a stream to this palm oasis. Add the usual spring to the fact that we’d just gone through El Niño, and you have: water!
April 1998.

Ravine - 506×750, 119 KB
A few dozen miles down the highway from the oasis, a dirt road that takes you to the mouth of this narrow canyon.
April 1998.

UC Irvine

UCI Student Center 1997 - 800×541 174 KB
As seen from the top of what was then the Humanities Office Building. (read more, larger image on Flickr)

UCI Student Center 2007 - 800×541 157 KB
Taken from the same spot at the top of what is now Murray Krieger Hall, roughly 10 years later. (read more, larger image on Flickr)
October 4, 2007

Arroyo Vista Sunset 1 - 92 KB
April 1999.

Arroyo Vista Sunset 3 - 81 KB
April 1999.

Orange County

Spectrum Obelisk - 800×497 153 KB
View looking east past the 5 Freeway to the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains, as seen from the Irvine Spctrum shopping center.
February 20, 2006.

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