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The Canyons

Moon over Springdale - 711×517, 184 KB
Just outside Zion Canyon is the town of Springdale, Utah, from where we saw this.
August 1991.

Zion Canyon - 719×519, 183 KB
Looking down the canyon. This was back when you could actually drive through most of it.
August 1991.

Bryce Canyon - 709×517, 188 KB
Bryce Canyon isn’t so much a canyon as it is the edge of a basin where erosion has created fantastic ridges and fingers of rocks. This photo is taken from Paria View [sic], and you can see the afternoon rains starting up in the distance.
August 1991.

Grand Canyon - 715×510, 137 KB
Desert View. This viewpoint gives you both a sense of scale and a view of the Colorado River that carved the canyon.
August 1991.

Mesa Verde, Colorado

Cliff Palace - 729×511, 268 KB
The largest ruin of the cliff dwellers at Mesa Verde, Cliff Palace is also open to park visitors (or at least it was in 1991).
August 1991.

Cliff Palace Closeup - 718×512, 269 KB
While the original inhabitants simply climbed down the face of the cliff, the park has provided an actual trail.
August 1991.

Square Tower House - 728×512, 285 KB
Named for the remaining tower visible on the right.
August 1991.


Clouds over San Fransisco Peaks - 733×511, 111 KB
August 1991.

Sunset Crater - 715×510, 118 KB
A volcano, Sunset Crater is so named because of the shaded coloring of its slopes.
August 1991.

Painted Desert - 1024×352, 177 KB
This part of Arizona gets its name from the myriad colors of dirt and rock.
August 1991.

Looking Back at Laughlin - 800×552, 120 KB
Laughlin sits on the Nevada side of the Colorado River. You’ll notice there are no casinos on the Arizona side.
September 1998.

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