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Big Ben - 550×800, 98 KB
OK, technically it’s the Westminster Clock Tower. Depending on who you listen to, “Big Ben” refers to the bell(s) or the sound of its chiming.
October 18, 1999.


IJsselmeer Shore - 800×551, 125 KB
The IJsselmeer, diked off from the ocean, has been so diluted by the rivers that flow into it that it is now the Netherlands’ largest source of fresh water (notice the grass growing all the way down the banks). By the time I got home I had forgotten the name of the town, and while a map showed Etersheim in about the right place, I’ve been told since then that it’s probably Volendam.
October 20, 1999.

Amsterdam Canal - 800×547, 134 KB
Do not be fooled by the sunny skies. This was the coldest place on the entire trip!
October 20, 1999.


Rhine Village - 800×550, 88 KB
Somewhere along the highway between Koblenz and Boppard.
October 21, 1999.


View 1 from Mt. Pilatus - 800×540, 128 KB
A 4-person car takes you up the north slope of Mt. Pilatus to a changing station, from which a 40-person car goes straight to the peak. This is the view looking east from that changing station.
October 22, 1999.

View 2 from Mt. Pilatus - 800×543, 120 KB
There are two hotels (and a military base) near the peak of the mountain. This is the view of the Alps, looking south from the walkway between the two hotels.
October 22, 1999.

Lucerne Tower - 800×545, 171 KB
The medieval wall that once protected the city of Lucerne (known locally as Luzern) is still standing.
October 23, 1999.

Chapel Bridge - 800×550, 95 KB
Lucerne’s Chapel bridge (or Kapellbrücke) was built around 1300. A series of 17th-century paintings on the inside tell the story of the history of Switzerland. In 1993 a fire caused by a careless boater consumed two-thirds of the bridge, which has since been rebuilt.
October 23, 1999.

Chapel Bridge and Mt. Pilatus - 800×550, 115 KB
Another view of the Chapel bridge, this time with the infamous Mt. Pilatus in the background.
October 23, 1999.

Swans - 800×550, 156 KB
Swans and other birds by the river in Lucerne.
October 23, 1999.

View 3 from Mt. Pilatus - 803×550, 102 KB
Alternatively, you can take a cog train up the southeast slope. The view to the east is spectacular.
October 23, 1999.

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